Solve the Problem of WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT for CONSISTENT Client Attraction.

Solve the Problem of WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT for CONSISTENT Client Attraction.


Consistently Attract HIGH-QUALITY Clients to Your Online Business with Our Proven PRE-SOLD CLIENT Blueprint.

...without risking money on paid advertising and even if you don't yet have an audience!

If you qualify to work with us, we'll guarantee you make at least $15,000 with your new influential offer as you work with us...

...or We'll Work With You for Free Until You do.

Ready to STOP Being Invisible to the People You Know You Can Help?

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2022-08-31 - Haiming 40k.png
2022-08-31 - Haiming 40k.png

If you want to Consistently Attract Pre-Sold Clients to your business, the ONLY way to do it is with...

A Consistent Content Strategy with a focus on Belief-Shifting Persuasion.

Most businesses fail to grow (or scale) for two simple reasons:

Reason #1 - You’re Blasting the Content Confetti Cannon.

That’s the content that:

❌ Nobody Reads.
❌ Nobody Watches.
❌ Nobody Buys From.

Reason #2 - The only thing that’s consistent in your business is that you consistently feel stuck, confused, and overwhelmed about where to start.

This ultimately means that you’re in a never-ending spiral of writers’ block or simply “guessing” each and every time you attempt to promote.

The secret to solving this Client Attraction Problem is to dial in The Core Persuasive Assets that are necessary to completely take the guesswork out of:

🚀 WHAT to Say
🚀 HOW to Say It
🚀 WHY to Say It

So that you discover a feeling of Unstoppable Confidence that you know exactly how to stop your dream clients in their tracks, engage with your message, and have them mentally saying YES...

Even before you ask for the sale.

Are You Ready to Spend Less Time Dealing with Tire-Kickers and Time-Wasters... The People Who Refuse to Pay the FULL VALUE of What You Do?

Imagine how your Client Attraction could easily become more consistent once you receive our 1:1 Support to work with you Side-by-Side to personally help you activate the Core Persuasive Assets that are guaranteed to help you serve your ideal clients... and get paid for it:


We are going to help you climb out of the trap of being a faceless commodity.

Picture the day where you can ethically step into the role as an Expert Authority in the eyes of your audience... so that your story compels your audience to specifically do business with you.


During our 1:1 "Influence Concierge Journey," we're going to kick off by helping you redesign your marketing communication so that the "sales" portion of your interactions are covertly perceived as education.

When the right persuasive triggers are fired off, it's like a Jedi-Mind Trick that has your audience mentally rehearsing the sales process... even before you ask for the sale.


Think about what will be different in your business once all the pieces of this Ethical Sales Persuasion Puzzle come together in a strategy that:

‣ You can run time and time again...
‣ Will help you consistently share valuable content to your growing audience...
‣ Easily creates a consistent Pre-Sold conversations that lead to Premium Sales.

Once It's Complete... You Can Have an Entire Month's Worth of BELIEF-SHIFTING Content Planned Out and Ready for Publishing in as Little as 3-4 Hours' Effort... For the Entire Month!


It’s not about what social media platforms or technologies are trending right now - because that could change overnight.

This is about future-proofing your messaging - otherwise it’s like trying to grow your business on a foundation of sand.

Ready to STOP Being Invisible to the People You Know You Can Help?

Schedule this Now - While We're Still Willing to Offer it for FREE...

🎯 Step-by-Step Training Curriculum

Get your hands on the exact strategies that I've used to create more than $5,000,000 in sales in my business, and the exact methods used by others in our private consulting programs to create their own success. All the training is professionally produced, transcribed, and conveniently at your fingertips in easily digestible videos.

🎯 1:1 Strategy Refinement

Here's the hard truth... the reason most business owners are STUCK is that they don't know how to get started, or how to climb out of a rut. Our team will work with you 1:1 on the important aspects of your business such as your story, your offer, and your consistent client attraction strategy.

🎯 Done-With-You Offer Optimization

It's not about dollars-for-hours. It's not about discounting your price or adding value. It's about crafting your offer so that it changes the story in the mind of the buyer. This either activates the sale faster... or it anchors your sales offer in their mind so that any time spent away further ratifies why your opportunity is the "best thing" to solve their problem.

🎯 Done-For-You Sales Blueprint

Just because someone opts into your mailing list doesn't mean they're a client. Just because you get on a phone call with someone doesn't mean they're a buyer. I've done the work for you to craft an easy-to-follow blueprint to not only create higher quality sales, but most often have your clients ready to buy... even before you make a sales offer.

🎯 1:1 Coaching Journey

Between myself and my team, we've invested more than $139,000 on our own sales, marketing, and mindset training... in just the last 12 months alone. When you work with us, you'll receive unlimited 1:1 access to the get the insights and feedback necessary to help you grow.

🎯 2 Group Coaching Classes/Week

As if the 1:1 Coaching Journey wasn't enough, we'll meet twice weekly in our "Sales Persuasion Huddle" events. When you ask a better question, you often get a better answer. Sometimes it's the questions asked by other community members that helps you unlock the door to your next big jump forward... so group coaching can be unbelievably valuable. These events get archived for you in our Influence Vault.

🎯 Clients-Only Community

Meet and network with other business owners from around the world. The strength of our program is that the "niche" is the unique mechanism of Hypnotic Influence for Premium Sales. Community members range from therapists, accountants, personal trainers, personal trainers, financial advisors, lawyers, coaches, consultants, course-creators, luxury real-estate realtors, martial-arts experts, and more. The wide variety of business owners allows you to hack into the unlimited flexibility of our ethical influence secrets, model the success of others, and get inspired for new projects.

🎯 Private Onboarding Tour

Ever join a program to solve your problem... then find yourself feeling even more confused? We solve that problem right away in a private 1:1 onboarding meeting. We'll assess your exact goals and show you how to use this consulting program to it's full potential


Patty M. Castellanos
"Authentically Selling as Myself!"

"I joined INFLUENCE with the rationalization that if I got one one new client, it would start to pay for itself. Well, I got one… and since then it has not stopped flowing!

I will positively share this: Jason politely called out that it was as if I was afraid to “make an offer.” My website gave away a ton of information, but it previously didn’t lead people to call me. Even if I got on a call, it would sometimes end in an awkward silence where I was too timid to invite them to work with me. I’m now closing nearly all of the consultations I do. I’m a better listener to THEIR story, I know how and why to share MY story, and I know the influential art of blending the two stories so my clients choose ME!

Now I get to be “Patty!” Omg, I used to be “Patricia,” and I discovered how to be authentically ME rather than the person who worked to get advanced degrees and titles. “Patricia” wasn’t filling her events. “Patty” tripled the size of her group programs! I appreciate the community you’ve built. I’ve created new relationships with other business owners, we masterminded and created new groups of our own that have new clients signing up who are ready to make changes!!!

I now know that my message is powerful, and it deserves to be clear and within reach of the people who need to hear it. I’m getting outside of my comfort zone, creating more, and earning more. "

Ready to STOP Being Invisible to the People You Know You Can Help?

Schedule this Now - While We're Still Willing to Offer it for FREE...

For more than two decades, Jason Linett has become a voice of ethical influence and positive persuasion to help business owners around the world to attract PRE-SOLD clients.

"Change Your WORDS. Change Your BUSINESS. Change Your LIFE."

Jason's journey is one that began as the frustrated employee struggling to pay the bills to bootstrapping his way to becoming a seven-figure entrepreneur. 

The unlikely hobby of close-up sleight-of-hand magic as a teenager led to a backstage career as a stage manager in professional theater. Burnout came quickly due to the long hours at a low pay, and it was a chance encounter with the influential art of hypnotic language and ethical sales persuasion that inspired him to walk away from the safety of a steady job.

"Just Because You're Good at Something - Doesn't Mean You Have to Do It for the Rest of Your Life."

For more than a dozen years, Jason operated a private coaching business seeing thousands of clients in Northern Virginia. It was as his educational company grew, he was invited to speak on stages around the world and was called on to expand the reach of his message.

"The Amateur Changes Their ACT. The Professional Changes Their AUDIENCE."

Untitled design (58).png
JASON LINETT - Hypnosis (33).png

Jason's private clients previously were the people who were ready to release unwanted habits or eliminate unnecessary fears. 

"Many of my clients were people working to let go of a fear of public speaking or the anxiety around being the face of their business. I discovered they could step into massive confidence when we empowered their marketing message. If you cannot yet sell your product or service to yourself, how could you ever believe that you can sell it to someone else?"

Jason's three-step approach to attracting PRE-SOLD clients has inspired the consistent sales of his Amazon-Best-Selling Book, the invitation to give a TEDx talk, and serve a variety of business owners around the world.

"The strength of a good instructor or leader is NOT the measurement of how many followers they have or how many disciples are seated at their feet. The true measurement is their students' abilities to feel empowered and become knowledgable to launch their own successful businesses."

Untitled design (58).png
JASON LINETT - Hypnosis (33).png
JASON LINETT - Hypnosis (33).png

"COMFORT is the ultimate THREAT to the business owner. It's when things are running at their best - THAT'S when you throw a wrench into the systems and challenge yourself to find a better way to serve people."

At the peak of it's success, Jason closed the physical doors of his Northern Virginia business to put the building he had purchased up for rent, move his business 100% online (while wearing a purple polo shirt and pajama pants...), and move his family a thousand miles away from the safety net of his old business to "live on vacation" in Orlando, Florida. 

The family is made up of his wife, Michelle, his children - Claire & Max, dogs - Cheddar and Blossom, and a cat named Lily. Jason, Michelle, and the kids are now "regulars" at the Orlando theme parks or just relaxing in the pool at home.

While building a successful business is a great achievement, Jason is the most proud to have recently helped his parents retire nearby and be at the dinner table each night with his family.

Connie Jo Holmes
"From Zero to Full-Time!"

"I previously spent a year giving away a ton of value to a regular Meet-Up group I had organized. It wasn't paying off. After a full year of effort - it produced ONE client. Yes, just ONE from the entire year.

As soon as I joined Jason's INFLUENCE community, I immediately started to bring in several private clients into my business each and every month directly from a single 90-minute presentation. My "closing rate" was previously ZERO. Jason helped me to frame and highlight my presentation so that I’d have a list of people ready to pay my full value as soon as the event wrapped up.

As my private client business grew, I had the confidence to expand my offers into group retreats. I used Jason’s story formulas and hypnotic language hacks to naturally pre-sell the opportunity throughout my presentation so, as Jason promised, my ideal clients were running the sales process for me.

Your INFLUENCE program and community helped me exit my full-time job and make my passion my main career. You helped me go from zero to doing what I love as my full-time business. Thank YOU, Jason!"


Lori Hammond
"Jason is the Real Deal!"

"Jason is the real deal. His relentless consistency in over-delivering value has allowed me to create systems in my business that let me preserve my precious energy while serving more people.

Thank you for teaching clear formulas and language patterns that let me know how to talk about my business in a way that makes people line up to book with me and purchase my digital products. You always exceed my high expectations."

Tracy Barrett Adams
"Jason connects with respect, creativity, and intelligence."

"Jason has a mind like a laser. His workshops helped me pinpoint areas of my business that were ready for growth. He gave me the theory and tools so I could put things in motion without having to invent all the wheels. He breaks strategies down (without dumbing them down) into clean, elegant components.

I especially appreciate Jason’s approach in the way he implements language patterns that are wonderfully persuasive, while also aligning with my ethics and values. Jason connects with respect, creativity, and intelligence, and he’s made it very easy for me."


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