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Monday, December 19, 2022

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What do sneeze guards at buffets have to do with attracting pre-sold clients into your business? Sneeze guards create a shield to help block unwanted germs from getting distributed on the food. They act as an invisible shield between you and the food. And, like these sneeze guards, it turns out there’s an invisible shield between you and your audience… and your potential clients.

But what if there was a very simple, elegant, artful way to break the invisible shield and crumble the brick wall of sales resistance to create a clear path between you and your ideal clients decision to buy from you?

This week, I discuss the story secrets for premium sales. I explain how the art of influential storytelling helps you bypass a potential client’s sales resistance while implanting new belief systems in your audience’s mind. I share how stories help you overcome buyer resistance, why you should never make up a false story just to gain a new client and the three storytelling methods you can use to turn prospective buyers into premium-paying clients. I discuss some of the most common storytelling mistakes you should avoid and the value of bringing your audience into the experience through your stories. I also share how you can amplify the upward-momentum of the story so you magnetically attract your dream clients.

“When it comes to sales, it is not like the clear piece of glass at a buffet because once there is sales resistance - it’s no longer glass. It’s no longer clear plastic. It’s a brick wall.”

- Jason Linett

This week on Attract Pre-Sold Clients:

  • Using stories to bypass sales resistance in potential clients
  • The difference between constructing a story vs inventing one
  • Story Secret #1: The “Hollywood Effect” Method
  • ​Story Secret #2: The “Prove Through Story” Method
  • ​Story Secret #3: The “Elevation” Method
  • ​Storytelling mistakes many entrepreneurs make​
  • ​Understanding that telling does not equal selling
  • ​Using stories to illustrate important points
  • Understanding the ‘price marinade’ strategy to prevent buyer reluctance
  • ​Using stories to attract your dream clients
  • ​Amplifying the upward-momentum that you represent to your audience

Resources Mentioned:

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