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Wednesday, January 03, 2024

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In this week's episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christopher Sutton, the founder of Musical-U. We delved into the fascinating world of accelerated learning and how it applies to the field of music. Christopher shared his insights on debunking the myth of talent and how anyone can learn to play an instrument by focusing on the learnable skills of ear training. We explored the importance of shifting beliefs and perceptions to help individuals unlock their musical potential. Christopher's expertise in teaching musicality training and his passion for helping adult musicians achieve their goals made for an enlightening and inspiring conversation.

Christopher Sutton is the founder of Musical-U, a business dedicated to helping adult musicians develop their musical skills. With a background in scientific engineering, Christopher brings a unique perspective to the world of music education. He believes that talent is a myth and that all musical skills can be learned. Through his company, Christopher focuses on teaching ear training, a concept that allows musicians to play their instruments without relying on sheet music. With a strong emphasis on accelerated learning techniques, Christopher and his team at Musical-U are empowering musicians to tap into their musicality and achieve their goals.

"The science is clear. Talent is a myth. And all the exciting musical skills that people assume require a gift are, in fact, learnable."

- Christopher Sutton

This week on Attract Pre-Sold Clients:

  • The business Musical-U focused on.
  • The belief system that Christopher challenges.
  • Musical-U ear training.
  • Common misconceptions about talent in the music industry.
  • Addressing automatic beliefs of its audience.
  • The process of accelerated learning.
  • How deliberate practice and reflective process contribute to accelerated learning.
  • Specific techniques for accelerated learning.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Christopher Sutton:

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