Podcasts/2: What is A Pre-Sold Client?

Monday, November 21, 2022

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Every business owner – regardless of their industry – wants to attract clients. Clients are the lifeblood of every successful organization. In many cases, when you first start your business, the desire to attract clients is often very vague. You’re less concerned about the type of clients you attract, and more concerned about simply attracting paying clients so you can continue to grow your business, pay your bills, and turn your side-hustle into a thriving business.

But attracting the right clients is actually more important than attracting any client. And to do that – you need to know how to attract pre-sold clients.

In today’s inaugural episode of the Attract Pre-Sold Clients podcast, I explain what a pre-sold client is, what it means to me and my students, and why attracting pre-sold clients should be your primary focus when starting and growing your business. I explain how the pre-sold client concept applies to your business, including your pricing, process, and the relationships you build with your clients. I discuss the concept of Belief-Shifting Persuasion and how all forms of communication is, by definition, influence and persuasion. I also explain how your marketing and messaging impacts the pre-sold client process and share tips for building momentum in the process.

“You don’t just need clients. You need to Attract PRE-SOLD Clients.”

- Jason Linett

This week on Attract Pre-Sold Clients:

  • The three core strategies to attracting PRE-SOLD Clients
  • Pricing your services appropriately
  • How your process impacts client compliance
  • ​How rapport affects your ability to attract pre-sold clients
  • ​Understanding what Belief-Shifting Persuasion is
  • ​Recognizing all communication, by definition, is influential and persuasive
  • ​How your marketing and messaging impacts your sales process
  • ​How to gain momentum in the pre-sold client process