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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

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What is the fastest way to turn a curious buyer into a paying client? It’s not flashy marketing strategies. It’s not the hard-sales techniques that we’ve learned in the past. And it’s certainly not asking, “What do I need to say today to get you to say ‘yes?’”

It’s getting your clients to say “Yes!” before you’ve even asked for the sale – but to do that, we need to shift our audience’s perspective.

Today, I discuss the Subconscious Sales System and how this method helped me increase the rate of my coaching services. I explain why most sales techniques don’t work and what you can do instead to turn curious buyers into pre-sold clients. I discuss how harnessing and framing your content helps you create your subconscious sales system and why the timing at which your content appears is essential. I also share the two key phrases I use that have helped me create my subconscious sales system and how you can modify these phrases to suit your business.

“All communication is influential. All communication is persuasive. So if you’re going to be doing it, you might as well be doing it ethically and effectively.”

- Jason Linett

This week on Attract Pre-Sold Clients:

  • The backstory of the Subconscious Sales System and how it helped me increase my coaching prices
  • Why most sales techniques cause buyers to turn away from a product or service
  • Understanding that everything in your business is an asset
  • Turning specific wins into business assets
  • The connection between harnessing and framing content to create your subconscious sales system
  • The importance of planning when you release your content and how it impacts your subconscious sales system strategy
  • Two key phrases that have worked when developing my subconscious sales system
  • Making modifications to suit your business needs

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