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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

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De'Anna Nunez is the founder of VitalMind Inc., a professional training and coaching company based in Del Mar, California where she utilizes hypnosis techniques and strategies to help her clients improve their personal and professional growth and performance. With nearly a decade of experience as a hypnotist, De’Anna has accumulated over seven different professional certifications, spoken in over 25 countries, and coached and hypnotized over 10,000 people. She has worked with dozens of diverse and interesting clients including corporations like EMC, Harley Davidson, and Aflac as well as Olympic athletes and C-Suite executives. When she’s not busy speaking internationally or helping her clients, De’Anna can often be found running, lifting weights at the gym, writing, or mountain hiking.

De’Anna joins me today to share her journey from stage hypnotist to becoming a corporate hypnosis practitioner and how she recently landed a $15,000 client. We discuss how our messaging and the way we package our hypnosis services impacts the type of clients we attract. We discuss the importance of creating value in your email and marketing campaigns and why it’s okay for email subscribers to opt-out of receiving our emails. We explain the difference between blasting your email list with sales pitches and marketing content versus nurturing them with helpful, valuable and educational content and why sharing stories often converts into more sales than traditional email marketing strategies. We also discuss why we need to look within ourselves and our business when evaluating the quality of the leads we’re attracting and determining how to attract more high-quality leads.

“People need to feel that they’re on the same level as you.”

- De'Anna Nunez

This week on Attract Pre-Sold Clients:

  • De’Anna’s journey into hypnosis​​​​
  • How the way she packaged her services impacted the way De’Anna attracted clients
  • The shifts De’Anna has made in her messaging
  • Creating value in your email and marketing campaigns
  • Why it’s a good thing when email subscribers opt-out of your emails
  • Nurturing your email list vs bombarding them with sales messages
  • Converting stories into sales
  • The biggest challenge De’Anna faced while building her hypnosis business
  • How the Attract Pre-Sold Clients program helped De’Anna land a $15,000 client – without feeling sales-y
  • Looking within when evaluating the quality of your leads

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